An act of kindness makes a difference!

An act of kindness makes difference!

Today I was sitting on my chair in front of my laptop doing some work. A loud voice pierces through my ear. My mother’s voice of course. In Asian families, parents call their children, sorry not call shout their name casually. So my mother calls me and told me there is tea on a flame go watch it before it burned.

I went to the kitchen and I saw was that there was just a kheva of leaves, not a practical tea. I was not surprised because there is another fact of Asian mothers 101 they won’t tell you the whole thing clearly. Their meaning is different from yours.
Well, I realized that I have to make some tea. I was busy, and I personally don’t like tea to drink and really avoid drinking. Yes, I am alive and exist in this world. I did an act of kindness instead of leaving to make an excuse for work.

I wait for a boil of kheva then put milk and pour them into cups. My work does not end here. Then I deliver it to three people. And for bonus compassion, I served them my favorite cookies. There is another story about how my 2 cookies got wasted after opening a packet.

Here not ends my task the main climax is when my mother sips her tea. She saw me with a look, “she can’t do the work properly”. I forgot to add sugar not forget actually I thought maybe my mother put the sugar in kheva. Well, I served sugar pot as well to three people at different locations as they were in different places.

To make it complete I try to do one more thing. I collect all the cups and wash them with a kettle. So my mother won’t get in trouble. And I saw satisfaction and pleasure on her face, which also gives me pleasure.

It’s weird that I was so considerate. WHY? Because I was inspired by some stories by Amal. And. Today my mother was not feeling well. A Lot of us think that it’s a duty not kindness, but I think it’s a little gesture of kindness that can lead us toward a big act of kindness.

Well, the real point is that kindness doesn’t go wasted. It can give you satisfaction, calmness, and a sense of achievement. It makes you compassionate and shows a positive impact on you or your surroundings. I make this act of kindness, why don’t you guys find kindness in your surroundings.
As it is called charity begins from home. So let’s start from home!



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Saleha Sajid

Saleha Sajid


An over-thinker towards constructively thinking Nutritionist and Dietitian